lundi 9 décembre 2013

Going on Pause

Sorry people, but I won't be posting new article for a while, my quality been dropping and part of it is because is that my approach don't quite work as well as it use to be beause while we can keep track on Lord Hunsdon its hard to make something out of it that fit the form of the blog. The information has gone somewhat too sparse and need more reflection. I no longer think this is the proper format for my work.

samedi 7 décembre 2013

Lord Hunsdon's bard

I'll go back on the  topic of Shakespeare and Henry Carey a little later, but when time will be there, here something until we get to there I think I'll try to dissimulate any thought that he was an imposing presence in the author life. He was the sponsor of his troop and one candidate for the famous dark lady was the mistress of him.  Shakespeare exact place in the company was more minor and actually the bard while he was gaining in prominence was more minor at the time. I'm not even sure the two had any chance to have interact directly.

jeudi 5 décembre 2013

Watching grass grow

One of the few known things that Henry Carey took interest in was actually Botany. It a bit hard to know just how much it was an interest in him, there at least one description of those plant coming from the furtherst part of the earth (source) apparently even coming from south america (source), though that's far impressive especially if you consider that its a time the frontier is being redefined. He actually had patronized some work on medicinal herb (source). If I dare speculate I have the impression, that with the level of disease he saw on the border, its not really suprising he did so, though it may just be personal interest.

mardi 3 décembre 2013

London flat

It seem that in order to have a place to reside in London when at the court (but also to probably ensure housekeeping) Elizabeth lended Sommersett House (look at it the current building is quite beautful, though I couldn't manage to find what it look like in 1574 at best here 17th century) technically the place was still royal property (unlike Hundson house who was all Henry) . The estate was kept in the care of his family even after his death as his wife was made keeper shortly after.

dimanche 1 décembre 2013

On our way

Well our work seem to heading toward completlion has we so have nothing but 15 years left to do.
Here a few things, land deal between the crown and lord Hunsdon.

Should you look into the catalogue of Harlesian manusciprit you'll find plently on lord hunsdon(link)

vendredi 29 novembre 2013

New World Adventure

Well the closest Henry Carey ever got to my location is indirectly as he was a sponsor of Martin Frobisher expedition, mind you he wasn't exactly the most prestigieous or the main backer or main the one, but he is indeed listed among those that financed the expedition to find the north-west passage. I doubt he was particularly enthusiast on the matter as list tend to show that he still hasn't paid for his part (source), though he hardly was the only in the matter and his participation being minimal (source), too bad the guy was 500 years or so too early before the passage was cleared by global warming. I'm pretty sure Henry wouldn't have gotten there to save his life considering how cold it was.

mercredi 27 novembre 2013

The other valentine

A little interesting event that happen is in 1575. Remember Valentine Browne, the man was the treasurer of Berwick-Upon-Tweed, who happen to have the share the name with Henry Carey possible bastard son. Well he seem he got into trouble. The previous year, the soldiers started to complain (Source) and that the food was being crappy. Then again money was alway problem, but it seem that this time it was enough for the authority to take action against Valentine as he seem to be more or less accuse of embazllement and he ended up in the same prison Henry Carey had been sent to previously, though eventually release several month later he was.  The entry on Valentine Browne and Lord Hunsdon in the act of the privy matters will give you the details